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And he said, 'Not the flag. Not the wind. Mind is moving."


Shadow on a wall.



In a windy afternoon, two buddhist monks were arguing about a flag.


One said: "You can see that the flag is moving."

The other said: "But the flag itself does not move, it is the wind that is moving."


They then went to thier teacher and asked for his opinion.

The teacher said: "Not the wind. Not the flag. Mind is moving."


"Who, if I screamed out, would hear me among the hierarchies
of angels? And if one suddenly did take
me to his heart: I would perish from his
stronger existence. For beauty is nothing
but the onset of terror we’re still just able to bear,
and we admire it so because it calmly disdains
to destroy us. Every angel is terrifying."

Duino Elegies - Rainer Maria Rilke

Drawing, 2009

charcoal on paper.