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Quantz Flute Concerto in G minor, QV5:196


Barockfest Weilburg

English translation:

"There, a flute concerto by Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773), Frederick the Great's flute teacher, was heard, masterfully played by Yat Ho Tsang on the transverse flute. The small ensemble also included Rebecca Raimondi, Swaantje Kaiser (violin), Maider Diaz De Grenu (viola), Iris Werhahn (violoncello) and Leonard Klimpke (harpsichord)."

Song is Being review

Song is Being

Flutist and Curator


Hong Kong

published in Vantage Music Magazine, May 2018, Vol.3 No.3

"A very interesting occasion to appreciate poetry and early music together. Ancient Greek mythology has often been associated with early music and along this idea, two Greek love tragedies - that of Apollo & Daphne and Orpheus & Eurydice - were portrayed. Audience listened to German poems of Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) related to the myths and Alice You recounted the stories in Cantonese. Musicians, including TSANG Yat Ho (baroque flute), Alison Lau (soprano), Sean Lai (baroque violin), LAM Tim Wai (viola da gamba) and Stephen Hung (Harpsichord), illustrated selected musical excerpts from Bach, Monteverdi, Handel, Vivaldi, de La Guerre and Telemann.

The programme flow was smooth. The arrangement of poetry-storytelling-music was creative with all the three parts mutually reinforcing each together, giving rise to an experience that was engaging, stimulating and appealing. I was marvelled at the abilities for baroque instrumentations to express emotions given the right music."

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