Aus Liebe,

Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben,

Von einer Sünde weiß er nichts.

Dass das ewige Verderben

Und die Strafe des Gerichts

Nicht auf meiner Seele bliebe.

Out of love

Out of love my saviour is willing to die

Of any sin he knows nothing

So that eternal ruin

And the punishment of judgement

May not remain upon my soul.

April, 2020

During Quarantine and Easter time in April 2020, with the help of technology, I took the liberty and arranged a beloved aria, "Aus Liebe" from Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Bach always uses the flute for sins of man and sufferings, so I think it would be appropriate to play the aria on flutes. Here it is played on a Boehm flute made by Rittershausen (440Hz), a Denner flute made by Fridtjof Aurin (415Hz) and a classical 8-keyed flute (440Hz) made by Martin Werner.



16 Jun, 2021
Frankfurt am Main

8 Feb, 2021

Frankfurt am Main

Radoslava Vorgic - Soprano

Yat Ho Tsang - Traverso

Sólrún Franzdóttir Wechner - Harpsichord

Mar, 2020

Frankfurt am Main

Trio Sonata in D major 

I. Allegro ma non tanto


W.F. Bach

Traverso 1: Tsang Yat Ho,

Traverso 2: María Cristina González
Cello: Elianne Ardts
Harpsichord: Paulina Zmuda

Utrecht Early Music Festival, Fringe Concert

28th August, 2016

Het Huis Utrecht

(Live Recording)

Il pastor fido, Sonata in G minor, Op.13 No.6


N. Chédeville / A. Vivaldi


I. Vivace
II. Allabreve - Fuga da Capella 
III. Largo
IV. Allegro ma non presto



Traverso: Tsang Yat Ho  

Harpsichord: Alessandro Pianu

Bassoon: Takako Kunugi

Recital- 16th June, 2015

Conservatorium van Amsterdam

(Live Recording)

Splendor and fervour


24, 25, 26th April, 2015

Sint Lamertuskerk, Buren / 

Grote Sint Laurenskerk, Alkmaar / 

Oude Luthersekerk, Amsterdam 

Suite TWV:55 E1


G.P. Telemann


Sweelinck Baroque Orchestra     



Led by

Menno van Delft


Traverso 1: Tsang Yat Ho,

Traverso 2: Dorota Matejová

Violin 1: David Rabinovici, 

Violin 2: Alba Encinas González

Viola: Maxwell Aleman, 

Violoncello: Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde

Violone: Jesse Solway, 

Harpsichord: Artem Belogurov, Menno van Delft 

Live Performance

recorded by J.J.A.M. van der Linden    


Atlas Academy 2011

Live Recording in Conservatorium van Amsterdam




Hui Tak Cheung   許德彰


Pipa: Lan Weiwei,

Zheng: Ji Wei,

Sheng: Wu Wei,

Flute: Tsang Yat Ho,

Alto Sax: Henriette Jensen,

Horn: Xavier Fontin

Netherlands Student Orchestra 2012

Live Recording in De Doelen, Rotterdam


Conducted by Lucas Vis

Academic Festival Overture


Johannes Brahms
















flute excerpt from 08:57

The Dead Hand of Plato


Janco Verduin
















piccolo excerpt from 05:21-06:51


Fugue in D minor | D 小調賦格曲

Live performance in Amsterdam 2015

A man talking to his own shadow and reflection

Subject, inversion and retrograde.

Music score: