April, 3 rolls of memories I took.


Film roll 2 of 3 - Double

菲林三卷 之二:一雙

In my luggage to Amsterdam, there was one roll of used color film. They were photos I took in Hong Kong a few weeks before my departure. 


I had already forgotten what photos they were when I reloaded it into my camera in Amsterdam. I just remembered that I had to use this roll and make photos there.


This is my double exposure experiment:

juxtaposing Hong Kong and Amsterdam on top of each other.


Every photo you see here was unrehearsed.

"Now I remember, the photos I took were flowers."

"Why flowers?"

"Because I promised to bring you spring from Hong Kong."

"Flowers. Flowers. Of course. I almost forgot, how beautiful they are."

"Flowers, flowers blossoming everywhere."

"I see them in you, 

in every street corner,  

on every bridge we stood,

by every canal

we spent hours looking at together."

It was spring, April, two thousands seventeen,

the spring of Hong Kong and Amsterdam,

nine thousands two hundreds eighty five kilometers apart,

merged into one.

© Yat Ho Tsang. 2020

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