April, 3 rolls of memories I took.

Film roll 1 of 3 - Brussels     



to Asako and Maarten



菲林三卷 之一:布魯塞爾


During my visit in Brussels, I had the privilege to meet and try this beautiful Contax IIa rangefinder film camera – a treasure my Japanese friend inherited from her grandfather. This model was first manufactured in Germany in the 1950s, and this copy here is paired with a Zeiss Sonnar 50mm 2.0 lens.

這次到布魯塞爾探訪期間,有幸能試用到日本好友祖父留下來的寶物:配搭上 Zeiss Sonnar 50mm 2.0 鏡頭、製於1950年代德國的Contax IIa 旁軸相機。 

This model was designed without any built-in exposure meter. The only guide I had was the Sunny-16 rule. Every photo taken is a product purely of the photographer's experience, the precision of camera mechanism, and the chemical reaction between light and the film.


This time I was also lucky enough to have a Color Implosion Surreal Colorfilm. The outcome photos are truly surprising. I was amazed by what the camera and I have achieved.

這次亦慶幸用到Color Implosion Surreal Color 菲林,照片出來的效果遠遠超乎我們的期待和想像。 

Inside this timeless camera, memories of ours, once again, collided with our grandfather's.


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